Evelyne Ward is the Founder & Creator of The Feel Good Network

I am an Intuitive transformational Coach, LOA (law of attraction) inspirational teacher, speaker. Bringing others of like kind together.

 Not only helping you feel good inside about who you are, why your here, but live your feel good dream life in all areas of your life. Collectively creating a space to make the world a better feel good place.

I was born in Winnipeg Manitoba the youngest of 16 children, 10 boys 6 girls all from same magical mom.

I moved to America to California for The American Dream.

Welcome The Feel Good Network!

We are so glad you are here, so glad we found each other!

There is SO much more in the works behind the scenes building out our actual website.

I just wanted to get something up today on this very special day of 1 year of my brother Joe passing to honor him as a dreamer!

Please come back to see the transformation of The Feel Good Network
Dreams comes to LIFE!